New Profile - Sorting customisation added to series management

We have just updated the series management on the profile, adding the option of changing the order with a custom sort.

To update your sort:
- Enable 'custom sort' in the sorting section on your series page, like so:
Custom sort

- A new button "Update your sort" appears on the top of the list.
New 'update sort' button

- Once the 'custom sort' mode is enabled, you can move the series around as you wish in your list.
Move around series before saving them.

- Confirm your custom sort using the 'Save' button.

New profile - Added option to display recovered episodes

We've just introduced an option on the episodes to view page. 
You can activate this option directly on the page to bring up in the episode list of each series the episodes that are marked as "retrieved".

New Profile - Episode details update

Now on the profile pages (Series and Episodes): 
  • The episode list displays the overall rating (that of the community / the color is gold) until you've watched the episode, at which point it's your rating that's displayed (blue color).
  • On the Episodes page, when you mark an episode as seen, we no longer "erase" it from view, which does several things:
    • Allow you to "unmark" it if you clicked by mistake 
    • Rate the episode by changing the stars (from overall rating to personal rating) for those who don't have the "Rate what I've just watched" option.

All In One, display all shows on a single profile page

We've just put all your series on a single profile page.
This update also brings a few minor fixes and updates to the profile:

- Simplified display of the profile's "episodes to watch" page, by reducing the amount of information about the series
- Modification and addition of sorting for series (Alphabetical A-Z / Alphabetical Z-A / Less time remaining / More time remaining / .... )
- Several performance enhancements and optimizations

New Profile Update Tags Shows

Hello everyone!

We have just updated the series management page, tag management has been revised to be more intuitive and easier to use, the changes are available in the "Tags +" modal for adding tags to your series.

New Profile Update Light Theme is Back

Hello everyone!

We have just updated the profile page, reintroducing theme management. This update not only restores the default clear theme but also allows for the use of your custom themes.

Automatic TV Series Validation

Our team has created a data quality validation algorithm to automatically accept new suggestions from the community. Instead of waiting days for your favorite TV Series to be added, it will be automatically added to our catalog in minutes!

New Profile Updates for the Series Archiving Section

  • Change background color of series thumbnail when archived
  • Change of archive icon when series is not archived
  • No more double-checking when archiving a series (it is archived or taken directly out of the archive), as this is not a critical action.
  • Possibility of archiving from the global view, no need to enter 'edit' mode

New Profile Updates

Following your feedback on the new profile pages, we made the following updates:
  • The release date of the episode on the 'episode' line on the series page and on the 'episodes to watch' page of the profile
  • We removed the blue filter from the badges ; they have regained their original colors
  • Reinstated the scroll to the top of the page when changing pages on the series of the profile. It had disappeared due to modifications made before the release